Alpha-Kidz International
Bring out the Winner in your Child
Welcome Visitors...
Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Alpha-Kidz International.
We are honored that you have chosen Alpha-Kidz to help
meet your child’s academic needs. We thank you for giving
us the opportunity to bring out the
talent in your child. We
hope that this website will provide you with information to
understand how your child will benefit from our program.

Learning is Fun at Alpha-Kidz.
We are confident that your child will enjoy learning. His/her
experience with us will be a memorable one. You will see a
positive difference in your child within the first few days of
enrollment. Your child will be so excited and motivated to
learn that you will be amazed at their wonderful progress
within a short period of time.  

Alpha-Kidz is a better choice.
We have been providing quality education for more than  
25 years. Our program is unique and our teaching
approach has been proven effective. It features:
Multiple Intelligence Curriculum
Learning Different languages, such as English,
Mandarin and Spanish
Right Brain Stimulation
Learning in a Montessori Environment

Bring out the Happy Winner in your Child!
It brings us great joy to see children glowing with
confidence when they discover their intellect and hidden talents, and realize that learning is actually fun!

Thank you for being a part of Alpha-Kidz International.

Jessie Kodish